Termites also known as white ants live as a social colony consisting queen, king, solders and workers. Queen controls and runs the society as leader for food, security and reproduction. Workers make the tunnel path to harvest cellulose food in any kind of materials in any place.

Wood Damage

Mud or Shelter Tubes

Brown Pellets of Excrement

Discrded Wings

Termite Tapping Noises

Subterranean Tunnels

Hollow Sounding Wood

Uneven or Bubbling Paint

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Step 1. Drilling

Drilling on the floor near the wall and surrounding the Villa / Building from outside, drilling might damage floor tile or marble, but we will take a very good care of this and we will also check the layout of electrical, water and other lines to prevent drilling on it

Step 2. Injecting the termiticide

Injection of the termiticide is a prevention and corrective treatment. This treatment is carried out when the soil around the building is covered by the concrete layer or installed tiles, our team will inject the termiticide to create a termicidal barrier around the perimeter of the building. This termicidal barrier will act as a protective shield against termite

Step 3. Sealing the Holes

After injection, the drilled holes will be filled with cement or other similar suitable material to blend with existing surface appearance . When complete the drill holes are neat and tidy and blend into your concrete or pavers. They are less obvious than you expect and you will find most people do not notice them.

Termite Control Providing the best termite control services

Since being established in 2002, MPC has gone from strength to strength building on our reputation for providing a reliable and professional service as well as excellent customer care.

We are fully focused on learning and developing new methods of pest control to stay at the very front of our field. We constantly research changes in pest behaviour, habitats and changes in dietary sources.

We are very environmentally aware and take great care to avoid non-target species and use non-toxic methods to reduce the environmental impact of work.

We have many benefits for you our customers as we pride ourselves on integrity and business ethics, constantly striving to be the best we can. We’ve never stopped learning and adapting to the ever changing world of pest control and health and safety. This commitment to constant training is at the heart of everything we do. We like to think our clients keep coming back to us because they know we have the expertise to handle their needs.

Post Anti-Termite Treatment

  • It is a post construction termite control service for existing buildings/structures with10 years protection against termites.
  • DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique is adopted with new generation systemic termiticides used as filling components as per Dubai Municipality.
  • No damages to other structures.
  • Can be applied to any kind of flooring materials without much damage.
  • Perimeter areas may also be treated if required.

Pre Anti-Termite Treatment

  • It is a pre construction termite control service for buildings /structures under construction with 10 - 15 years protection against termites.
  • Very effective as it creates a uniform chemical barrier around the building.
  • We use new generation systemic termiticides which are accepted worldwide and is non- hazardous

Successful Termite Control Process by MPC Include

  • Through termite inspection.
  • Use of precised diagnostic techniques and identi fication tools like Moisture meter, Acoustic Devices, Movement Detection Devices (TERMITRAC) etc.
  • Marking the root cause.
  • Deciding the treatment with base plan of building is most essential as termites may re enter along the drainage pipes, electrical cabling, conduit pipes and lift well.
  • Implementing Termite treatment based on DM standards.
  • Apart from building area the perimeter ground also treated for 100% success

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