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There are many types of termite that tend to fall into two categories. The first category are subterranean termites which cause most damage live under the ground and make pathways into your house eating out any wood they come across that they like the taste of. Subterranean termites move anywhere through houses and are able to penetrate even small cracks through concrete. The second category are dry wood termites that live inside the wood, these tend to stay more localised.

Types of Termites, Identification and Symptoms

Subterranean Termite

- Wood damages nearby mud tunnel path Only workers can be seen

Dry wood Termite

- Wood dust graduals can be seen Entire colony can be seen

Termite Infestation

Buildings are usually treated for termites control Sharjah, before construction starts by treating the ground underneath the building. Once built wood is sprayed and the ground injected to provide protection. If you suspect you may have termites (you may see telltale wood particles on your floor or furniture) it is wise to get a survey done followed by a quotation for treatment. And Termite Control can be done by A.M Pest Control Sharjah.

A one off treatment is usually needed that will last for many years.

A.M Pest Control Service supplies proficient exterminator for the termite control management In Sharjah. The entirety of our administrations are given by individuals who are profoundly experienced and prepared. We assist you with shielding your properties and wellbeing from these destructive bugs with the most practical management in Sharjah. Alongside taking out the bugs we likewise instruct our customers of keeping away from termite pervasion later on.

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Call-+971 043380599 For Effective & Best Termite Control Service in Sharjah -Low toxic & No toxic pesticide spray treatments available get 100% Guaranteed Results @ Fair pricing. A.M is one of the top leading & proficient Termite control services in Sharjah, Termite Control Sharjah & All areas of Sharjah.

Process Followed By A.M Pest Control Service

  • Through termite inspection.
  • Use of precised diagnostic techniques and identification tools like Moisture meter, Acoustic Devices, Movement Detection Devices (TERMITRAC) etc.
  • Marking the root cause.
  • Deciding the treatment with base plan of building is most essential as termites may re enter along the drainage pipes, electrical cabling, conduit pipes and lift well.
  • Implementing Termite treatment based on IS- 6313/ IS- 6313-3(2001) standards.
  • Apart from building area the perimeter ground also treated for 100% success.
  • Apart from building area the perimeter ground also treated for 100% success.
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