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We certainly give a termite affected household or office better than any other service provider because we have the best knowledge and highly qualified workforce in house. Along with this, we use the best pesticides and highly progressive infrared technology to finish the white ants completely. Normally known as white ants, termites are dangerous enough to hollow all the wooden structures of your house/workplace. Termite control Ajman needs excellent and visionary strategy to ensure that your house or workplace is safe against these destructive little creatures.

Types of Termites, Identification and Symptoms

Subterranean Termite

- Wood damages nearby mud tunnel path Only workers can be seen

Dry wood Termite

- Wood dust graduals can be seen Entire colony can be seen

Termite Infestation

There are two main termite treatments which can be applied, those being liquid and bait. The liquid form of termite control Ajman involves laying down a large quantity of liquid chemicals, which will prevent termites from entering the property, and not allow termites which are already in the property back out, meaning that they will die. The bait form of termite control Ajman involves putting termite food out, usually underground. This usually means paper or cardboard, soaked with a substance which will kill termites but is slow acting. This gives time for a lot of termites to find it, and to carry it back to the nest. With any luck, a piece will make its way to the Queen and the colony will be effectively killed.

If you have found a termite infestation, although it is serious, you should not worry too much. As long as you get on to pest control experts soon, they will be able to take care of the problem quickly. So please feel free to call us as soon as you discover any termites, or signs of termites, and we will immediately start making arrangements to eradicate the infestation.

We at, A.M Pest Control Ajman focus on adopting latest technology and smartly planned procedure to finish the termites from root. Our smartly developed and included termite control solutions are well-organized enough to solve the problem fully. .

Process Followed By A.M Pest Control Service

  • Through termite inspection.
  • Use of precised diagnostic techniques and identification tools like Moisture meter, Acoustic Devices, Movement Detection Devices (TERMITRAC) etc.
  • Marking the root cause.
  • Deciding the treatment with base plan of building is most essential as termites may re enter along the drainage pipes, electrical cabling, conduit pipes and lift well.
  • Implementing Termite treatment based on IS- 6313/ IS- 6313-3(2001) standards.
  • Apart from building area the perimeter ground also treated for 100% success.
  • Apart from building area the perimeter ground also treated for 100% success.
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