Floor Cleaning in Dubai

The treatment needed for different types of floors is very different.

Methods oF Floor Cleaning

  • Wood flooring - Different types of wood flooring may require completely different care depending on whether they are waxed, oiled or have a polyurethane coating.
    - Clear the floor of any furniture that is easy to move.
    - Sweep or vacuum all loose dirt and debris.
  • Tile and stone -Tile and stone flooring is common in kitchens, stairs, and bathrooms. Its cleaning process can be divided into three steps:
    - Dirt or dust should first be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.
    - Have a floor cleaning solution or spray bottle for the appropriate floor.
  • Vinyl composite tile - Vinyl composite tile or VCT is a common commercial floor type. Cleaning this type of floor is done with either a mop and bucket or with a floor scrubber. VCT requires a polymer coating or floor finish to protect it.

  • Why choose our service for your floor cleaning in Dubai?

    The first thing that determines the sanitation of a location of the floor. Floors are like the mirrors of sanitary condition of a place. Hence it is very important to maintain a shiny, clean floor in homes and offices. If the floor of your offices is not clean and shiny then it can leave very negative effect on the customers of your place. Also the productivity of the staff can be affected due to the dirty environment. It is generally seen through various experiments people working in clean environment are filled with positive energy and can perform more efficiently while the people working in dirty environment are filled with negativity and cannot give their hundred percent in their work. It becomes the matter of your reputation hence we are here to help you.

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